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Physiotherapy delivered through Telehealth

One of the major drawbacks of the current pandemic is people not able to meet with their physiotherapists in person to seek help in their chronic pain management from the comfort of their home. As a result, Physical therapy through Telehealth has become crucial during this current pandemic, What is Telehealth? Telehealth is defined as the […]


Role of exercise in the life of chronic pain patients

Editor’s note: Phyzio presents the first part one of the two-part series of commentaries and blogs on the topic of establishing the regular exercise habit for pain relief and it’s a recent advancement in the field of telehealth. Those days are long gone when your therapists would tell you to take it easy and keep your body relaxed […]


The prolonged effect of inactivity on Chronic pain

Even though the majority of us enjoy inhabiting sedentary lives, the human body was not designed to support this type of lifestyle. The phrase “use it or lose it” can apply to many things, including your body. The human body was designed for physical activity. However, due to modern technology and convenience, it’s easy to […]

Demystifying the delusion of aging with pain

You all must have heard, “Age is just a number” but you are hardly known to the fact that this age number comes with a lot of baggage when it is about dealing with your body and health issues. Certainly, as this number goes up and you start getting older and older, the odds of […]


Let your mindfulness keep an eye on the pain

You do what you think and you think what you feel about. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a therapy that is often used to help people think in a healthy way and plays a vital role in refining your behaviours. It focuses on cognitive issues like your thoughts and then takes on your behavioral aspects, that is […]

How a community can help you manage your chronic pain better?

Every strong community that ever existed, started with sharing. We share experiences, we share wisdom, we share what moves us until the thing we share is the community itself. Every community is built on sharing and caring. Some things are so deep, so personal, it creates a powerful connection but so instinctive, so human, all […]