Individuals who suffer from both chronic and acute pain with nerve issues have numerous choices for relief. A few specialists recommend both narcotic and non-narcotic medications to help ease the pain. Others recommend that patients should go through Physical therapy to get help. While these treatments can be effective, it’s critical for those individuals who suffer from nerve-related pain to realize that there are other choices as well.

Among the most powerful pain busters is Phyzio, a compact, easy to use pain relief device which operates by intensive nerve stimulation which helps to release endorphins within your body & provides widespread relief from your pain. It helps to reduce pain by encouraging the body to produce more endorphins, which acts as a natural painkiller. Phyzio is powerful for busting pain and easy to use. In fact, Phyzio can be preferable to heavy-duty painkillers for many reasons. Before you stock up on pills to control your pain, consider five ways that Phyzio may benefit you. Phyzio device is not intended to treat or cure an ailment, but help manage the pain brought on by such ailment.

Eliminate Addiction Worries

Narcotic painkillers are frequently powerful at battling pain, few people need to take them so as to lead happy, functional lives.  Unfortunately, many in the medical community also believe that heavy-duty painkillers are prescribed too often. They are powerful drugs that have a host of side effects and can even cause addiction. Truth be told, compulsion or reliance are stresses of numerous people who take them.



That’s where Phyzio steps in. Because it doesn’t use chemicals such as opioids, there’s nothing addictive about a Phyzio device. It doesn’t alter blood chemistry or cause any type of physical dependency. Instead, it offers relief free of addiction and the potential of overdose. That’s a big plus for millions of individuals who suffer from chronic pain but are worried that they’ll become hooked on unhealthy pain pills.







Decrease your Pill Intake or Stop it…Period

In addition, being addictive, painkillers can also become ineffective after some time. This implies that numerous patients need to take in an ever increasing number of pills so as to find relief from pain. That can mean over-burdening your body with poisons that make you feel worn out, sluggish, and not like yourself. It can also present the dangers of overdosing. Sadly, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has discovered that right around 20,000 individuals overdose on opioid painkillers every year.

This is another area where Phyzio offers big advantages. Because it uses electrical impulses to stimulate the body’s natural endorphins, there’s no danger of overdose. There’s no need to consume increasing doses of pills. You can simply adjust the Phyzio’s settings to accommodate your changing needs. That means a Phyzio device is effective in managing chronic conditions and handling new pains as they come your way.

Never be with never be without a refill again

What happens if you find an effective painkiller yet come up short on refills on a holiday weekend when nobody is around to approve a refill? You’re left to deal with the pain alone, and you likely won’t probably get another solution until your specialist’s office opens once more. On the off chance that you’ve been endorsed rock solid painkillers, you may even need to go in and see the specialist before a refill will be approved. That can lead to Frustrations and unnecessary suffering.

save money

save money

Thankfully, Phyzio device will never run out. Yes, the batteries may need to be replaced. However, that’s not nearly as inconvenient as trying to get a refill from a busy or absent doctor. You won’t have to suffer through pain or make an unnecessary trip to your doctor’s office just to get relief. You can simply get out your Phyzio device and start therapy whenever you need it.





Customizable Pain Relief Treatment

Prescription painkillers are intended to be a one-size-fits-all solution, yet we all know that everybody’s pain is unique. That implies you could be recommended unfathomably powerful medications that don’t really enable you to feel any better. Except if you’re a drug specialist or medication maker, you’re powerless to change a pill’s formula to make it suit your necessities.

That’s not the situation with Phyzio. You can Calibrate Phyzio to meet your definite needs. Phyzio highlights a variety of program, speed and quality choices intended to help you find customizable pain relief. You can even target treatment to specific areas of your body to guarantee the best outcomes. It’s a tailor-made help for serious pain, and that is something neither over-the-counter nor prescription pharmaceuticals can offer.быстророботemailing marketingэндокринологиягель лаки оптом от производителяяк кріпити ролети на вікна

Have you experienced pain and considered consuming pills (painkiller) to get relieved from it? Have you ever wondered why you consume it and what it can do to you?

What are opioids and why do we consume them?

Opioids, usually know as narcotics are a type of drug which includes strong prescription pain relievers, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and tramadol. The illegal drug heroin is also an opioid.
An opioid is prescribed to reduce pain after you have had a major injury or surgery or in case of severe pain from health conditions like cancer. Some healthcare providers prescribe them for chronic pain. Prescription opioids used for pain relief are generally safe when taken for a short time and as prescribed by healthcare provider but chronic pain, are not acute and lasts long. When consumed long term, opioids can adversely affect our body.

How opioids affect us?

People who take opioids are at risk of addiction, and overdose. Opioids in the treatment of chronic pain are associated with a significant number of side effects and complications. Common side effects of opioid administration include sedation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, physical dependence, tolerance, and respiratory depression. Physical dependence and psychological addictions are clinical concerns that may prevent proper prescription and inadequate pain management. Less common side effects may include delayed gastric emptying, hyperalgesia, immunologic and hormonal dysfunction, muscle rigidity, and myoclonus. The most common side effects of opioid usage are constipation (which has a very high incidence) and nausea.

And the overdoses of opioids have killed more than 115 people per day in the United States. More than 42,000 people died from opioids in 2016, five times more than in 1999. The reason? Since several of these powerful painkillers became available in pill form several decades ago, doctors have been prescribing more than patients need.

What is the solution for chronic pain?

For many years, the treatment choice for chronic pain included recommendations for rest and inactivity. However, exercise may have specific benefits in reducing the severity of chronic pain, as well as more general benefits associated with improved overall physical and mental health, and physical functioning. Different physical activity and exercise interventions have been very effective in reducing pain severity. Daily exercise had a positive impact on a daily routine, quality of life, and human health.

But what about pain, how to deal with it?

For many people experiencing chronic pain, cannabidiol (CBD) oil has steadily gained popularity as a natural approach to pain relief. A compound found in the marijuana plant, cannabidiol is sometimes touted as an alternative to pain medication in the treatment of common conditions like arthritis and back pain. However, there’s some evidence that cannabidiol may affect the body’s endocannabinoid system (a complex system of cell-to-cell communication). Along with contributing to brain functions like memory and mood, the endocannabinoid system influences how we experience pain.




Neuro-stimulation is another way which helps in relieving chronic pain. Phyzio device is one of the kind, which helps in providing instant pain relief using neurostimulation and also has an inbuilt trainer which helps in recommending, tracking and analyzing pain relief exercise. The device acts as an in pocket physiotherapist which helps in tackling pain with great ease.

The Takeaway

Chronic pain is the most common reason for increasing consumption of opioids. If you have a chronic pain condition and have not been able to manage it with standard treatment (or wish to avoid the adverse effects of other medications), you may be considering CBD oil for pain relief or Phyzio which will act as a complete solution for your pain.

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