phyzio mental health heals chronic pain

You do what you think and you think what you feel about. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a therapy that is often used to help people think in a healthy way and plays a vital role in refining your behaviours. It focuses on cognitive issues like your thoughts and then takes on your behavioral aspects, that is your actions towards those thoughts. A happy mind is a healthy one; when your entire body is hurting and the pain feels unbearable then the last thing you want is it to revolve around your head all the time.

CBT: An alternate strategy to manage your pain

Since dealing with such a type of pain for a longer than expected timeline, people start developing various sorts of feelings and thoughts that create their own experiences inside the mind. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a practical, hands-on, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that aims to change whatever patterns of behavior and thinking are at the root of a person’s difficulties. CBT helps you identify and develop skills to stay well and cope with your pain problems by altering the negative thoughts and it’s consequent behaviors that have been rooting in your mind for quite a time. It works as talk therapy and helps in plummeting all the discouraging beliefs that circle the mindset of chronic pain patients. For people who are in pain and feeling low, it is a responsive way of narrowing down the symptoms of chronic stress, negative body image, mood disturbance, including anxiety and depression. It acts in favor of improving your problem-solving skills as well as deviate negative insights and inhibition of activity due to pain. Out of various methods of pain control, CBT is considered to be the most effective because it degrades the reliability of pain-related drugs or surgeries and augments the levels of activity and feelings of self-esteem. In order to gain control over your pain and its following emotions, you got to:

  • Be positive and believe in yourself to do it,
  • Keep an open mind about your well being,
  • Foster new skills in daily life,
  • Have a calm and composed attitude,
  • Regularly indulge yourself in various activities.


So, if you’re ready to introduce yourself to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) then you may not only get relief from your chronic pain, but you may find that you feel generally more content with your life as well. Mindfulness teaches you to be aware of the pain and accept it calmly and closely. The acceptance of pain weakens its effect and makes you realize that it can be controlled by the power of mindfulness.